Winter simplicity

This is a book sculpture I created last January – the quote is from Antoine Saint-Exupery.  I mounted this book on a picture frame; it hangs easily on the wall.

I created this scene by cutting the tree shape from the pages, painting with gesso, adding plaster of paris rolled and formed, and when dry, adhered to the tree outline with gel medium.  I then added the black wire and mica flakes -which are WHITE  iridescent, and not brown, as they appear in this image.  Before adding the tree elements, I painted the background on the pages under the cut areas.

The rolled pages represent snow drifts.  Now you know.

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9 Responses to Winter simplicity

  1. Venita Van Ingen says:

    This is so creative with beautiful results!

  2. Terry Glover says:

    I love what you create! But even more, I love that you share your process! It’s so much easier to understand (and try ourselves!) This piece is wonderful.

  3. Margie D says:

    What a lovely wintery scene you’ve created here Corinne. I really like the rolled paper snow drifts. Margie

  4. Letitia Will says:

    This is lovely!

  5. Carolina says:


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