Manila Mail Art

I’m in a Manila Folder mail art round robin. These are the two folders I’m sending out. (Fronts and backs).  I put a tyvek envelope inside each folder so any wet media would not bleed through. Duck brand tape seals the edges.  These are the regular sized file folders, so plenty of surface to work with.  I’ve purposely filled up all the blank manila areas with paints and etc.  That way layering will have to occur, which is what I love about mail art! 🙂

I used my sewing machine to sew on a piece of collage on  folder #2 (back), which I created this week in our local art group…sewing on these folders is so easy – and fun!  I just need to remember when I do paper sewing, to change the needle before going back to my fabric sewing! 😉


Folder #1 – Front

Back of folder #1

Back of folder #1

Folder#2 - Front

Folder#2 – Front

Folder #2 - Back

Folder #2 – Back



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6 Responses to Manila Mail Art

  1. Hi Corrine! Love these folders!!

  2. Ulrike Hutchins says:

    I particularly like the two front pages because the design is strong and they are not so cluttered. Great work, Corinne!

    • corinne says:

      Thank you so much, Ulrike! They will no doubt be more cluttered when they get home from the RR, but I may just make some more for myself- and then make a book with them, of course.:))

  3. kathleen says:

    Hi Corinne

    They look great. we also have a mail art event in our gallery for our catalogue calendar
    that we have posted on the iuoma group…
    Can I ask you to post our call for artists…and of course we would like you to join
    in to.

    You are truly a bundle of creativity.

    take care

    Here are the instructions on our site

    Thank you for befriending me on this site.

    We are inviting mail art artists to send us a Christmas greeting card by the end of September 2013.  Our jury will make a selection of the best cards we receive and we will publish 10 cards in our Catalogue-Perpetual calendar in the month of Decemeber.

    Mailing address
    The Red Door Gallery,
    7 rue Jacques de la Roque,
    13100 Aix en Provence

    -Projected publication date of 1000 catalogue perpetual-calendars is November 2013
    -Artists must give us permission to publish  their cards in our catalogue
    -Artists must be the owners of their mail art and state this in their email
    – An email must be sent the  stating that they agree to the above
    – No cards will be sent back to artists
    – A thank you note with their name will be posted on our facebook page with the photo of their card

  4. Corinne, you are an inspiration at always. Very nice work.

    Coleen in Ukraine

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