Two new collages

I’ve been enjoying time spent creating collage, using my art supplies in a different way,  with my paints, papers and sewing machine all in use.  This first collage is to go with the ice cream cone collage, featured in my previous post.  The flowers are colored crayon wax, the rest is antique newspaper, acrylic paint, and washi paper tape.  This collage is 12W x 16″H.

This second is an abstract, and a departure from the norm for me.  I created this collage with one sheet of Fabriano 300 # watercolor paper.  The shapes were ripped from the edges, covered with book pages and newsprint, then sewn with a fabric ‘topper’.  After assembly (I painted the white substrate black and used Golden’s matte ‘regular’ gel medium to glue the pieces to the backdrop ), I added metallic filaments with buttons, glitter glue and ‘Liquid Fusion’ adhesive.   I then painted a stylized bare-branched manzanita tree.  This piece measures 21″H x 20.5″ at the widest point.  It currently is hanging in my home.


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