Journey (OR-7) and other AB Pages.

I knew my ‘page-a-day’ work in my Codes and Ciphers altered book would not last- but I periodically do a few pages when I’m not in a mood for anything else.  I have uploaded six new pages to THIS ALBUM.

Yesterday I created this page, honoring Oregon’s VERY special wolf, ‘Journey’, formerly known as OR-7 (I still call him that).  Here is the link to tell you all about this amazing animal.  ( the link opens in a new window.)

OR-7 - now known as 'Journey'

Journey has a radio collar on.  The images I took from a century-old nature volume on mammals, given to me by fellow artist Lee Kirk.  I used removable painters tape to create the multicolored background, adding color as I repositioned the tape several times.  I then added a single ply of painted paper toweling (that had been used under some fabric I was painting.)  The images were added last – I used PPA for all the collage.  With my black pen, I added lines which , to me, resembled mountain ranges.  To travel from NE Oregon to SW Oregon and N. Calif., this amazing creature has walked some mighty mountain paths.  I hope common ground will be reached with naturalists and ranchers alike, so that these Created beings can continue to share in the beauty and natural bounty of our land.

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3 Responses to Journey (OR-7) and other AB Pages.

  1. Cc in WI says:

    Very nice. I will have to try that paint technique, I like the look of that. We have several large packs of wolves in our area. I have always liked wolves but there is much tension in our area. Many domestic dogs have been attacked or killed by them. Some even on a leash with the owner 10 feet away. There needs to be a common ground that is for sure. Thanks for sharing. Are your other spreads up? I thought you posted you did a few spreads?

  2. Sandra says:

    Love wolves! Love animals. What a cleaver idea to add the skeleton on one side and OR-7 on the other. You are an inspiration.

  3. Lee says:

    Splendid! I have enjoyed following the journey of OR-7 (hadn’t realized his name had been chosen) and this is such a nice depiction. I also love seeing the materials I have shared being used! Oddly enough, I woke up this morning trying to image using painter’s tape to create shapes….now that I see it done I’m even more inspired to try it. Thanks for continuting to be a “muse.” – Lee in Oregon

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